Capt. John Johnson

Male, #437, (about 1590 - 30 September 1659)
     Capt. John Johnson was born about 1590 in England.1,2 He joined the Honourable Artillery Company of London after 21 April 1612, but before 1613.1 On 21 September 1613 in St. Mary the Virgin Church, Ware, Hertfordshire, England, John married first Mary Heath, daughter of William Heath and Agnes Cheney.3,1,2 Capt. John Johnson emigrated on 6 April 1630 from London, England, on board the Arabella with the Winthrop Fleet, landing at Salem on 12 June 1630.4,3,1,5,6 He was chosen on 19 October 1630 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, as a Constable.3,7,8 He was a farmer and a tavern keeper after 1630.1 In Massachusetts John married second Margery unknown.1,2 Capt. John Johnson became a freeman on 18 May 1631 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.3,1,7,8 He served in 1634 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, as a Representative to the Massachusetts General Court, and he served for 15 years thereafter.1,8 He served between 1638 and 1640 as Clerk of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company.2 The following was written by Governor John Winthrop in his Journal dated 6 February 1645:

"John Johnson, the Surveyor General of Arms and Ammunition, a very industrious and faithful man in his place, having built a fair house in the midst of the town, with divers barns and outhouses, it fell on fire in the day time, no man knowing by what occasion, and there being in it seventeen barrels of the country's powder, and many arms, all was suddenly burnt and blown up, to the value of four or five hundred pounds, wherein a special providence of God appeared, for, he, being from home, the people came together to help and many were in the house, no man thinking of the powder till one of the company put them in mind of it, whereupon they all withdrew, and soon after the powder took fire and blew up all about it, and shook the houses in Boston and Cambridge, so t hat men thought it had been an earthquake, and carried great pieces of timber a great way off, and some rags and such light things beyond Boston meeting house, there being then a stiff gale south, it drove the fire from the other houses in the town (for this was the most northerly) otherwise it had endangered the greatest part of town.3,7"

Before 14 October 1656 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, John married third Grace Negus.1,7,2 Capt. John Johnson left a will on 30 September 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts,

The last will and Testament of John Johnson of Roxbury, this 30th of the 7th, '59, having my perfect memory and understanding by the blessing of my mercyfull Father, whose reconciled face in Jesus Christ my soule waitesth to behold. I dispose of my worldly goods and estate as followeth. My dwelling house and certaine lands I have allready given to my beloved wife during the term of her natural live, according to a deed wh is extant wh deede my will is shall be fulfilled, wherein also I have given her 60 pounds for her household furniture, wh house and lands after my wifes decease I give unto my 5 children to be equally divided, my eldest sonne having a double portion therein, according to the word of God. I give unto my two grandchildren who have lived with me Elizabeth Johnson and Mehitable Johnson, each of them 5 Lbs this to be paide within one yeare after my decease. I have formerly given to my sonnes Isaac Johnson and Robert Pepper a parcel of lands of 55 acres in the third division of the towns which I do hereby confirme.

All the rest of my lands debts and moveable goods, my debts and funeral charges being first discharged I doe give unto my five children to be equally divided, my eldest sonne haveing a double portion. Also I make my sonns Isaak Johnson and Robert Pepper my executors of this my last will and Testament, and I request my deare brethren Elder Heath, and Deakon Parke, to be overseers of this my will and Testament, and in token of my love I give you each 10 pounds. If my children should disagree in any thing, I dow order them to choose one man more, to these my overseers, and stand to theire determination.

the mark of J. J. John Johnson
John Eliot.4,9,3

He died on Tuesday, 30 September 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. His death date was recorded as 30 (7) 1659.10,1,7,2 He was buried in the Eliot Burying Ground, Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1 John's estate was inventoried on 15 October 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.9 John's will was proved on 15 October 1659 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.3,7,2

Children of Capt. John Johnson and Mary Heath


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